Bibimbap (Korean)

Woohoo! I finally made some bibimbap. Largely inspired by this recipe:

One thing to note is that this dish is dangerously misleading as to how not-simple it is! In all it took me one hour from start to finish.

The changes to the recipe above are:

1. Soaked the beansprouts for longer. Longer seems better.

2. Angmoh-ified the beef a bit by keeping it chunky; but still marinated it in soy sauce, garlic and rice wine.

3. Didn’t use ‘kosari’ as I’ve no idea what it is… and it looks slightly poisonous.

4. I didn’t have any Korean style rice available. So just used plain old Thai rice.

5. Used ultra-hot chili paste from South Korea. As illustrated by the huge red container in the following picture:



Not bad for a first attempt.


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