Welcome Mark’s New Food Blog

Finally, a blog that looks good enough to eat! Hello and welcome to my new food blog. It is something that I’ve always wanted to start and now I’m excited to finally get it rolling.

Chili Crab

So who am I anyway? I’m just an English guy who’s lived in Singapore for many many years. When I first got here, I have to admit that things were quite tough on my palette and I must have eaten bread and ‘funny’ butter for at least one month before moving onto more ‘adventurous‘ dishes such as ‘chicken rice.’ One year later I was shoving banana leaf curries, beef rendang and just about anything, you can put on a plate in front of me, down my face. Often in tune to the collective expression ‘Wah!’

fried egg with basil Cooking and trying new things has always been one of my hobbies. That unfortunately stopped for a while when I first got to Singapore as I couldn’t find my ingredients anywhere. Slowly I began to find out exactly where to get things I need and realised that indeed, if you know where, you can find just about anything you want from anywhere in the world in this melting pot of cultures they call Singapore.

coffeeSo what do I aim to get out of this blog? I aim to share my unique cooking styles with fellow food lovers in Singapore and all over the world. I also aim to help those poor souls they call expats with finding where the homely stuff is as well as directing them to try the local food in the most ‘local’ of places. Most of all I aim to encourage more young people to cook better and healthier food for themselves.

So if you’re a local, an expat or an overseas visitor who happened to chance upon my blog somehow, please sit-back and enjoy the adventure. Cheers!



One response to “Welcome Mark’s New Food Blog

  1. Happy cooking! Added you to my list of Floggers feeds.

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